About Us

D&N Engraving, located in Winnipeg, has been providing precision laser engraving services since 2014. We have years of experience in this field and our team is skilled in working with a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, plastics, acrylic, METAL and more. Our state-of-the-art laser and laser systems deliver the highest possible laser engraving performance. As a non-contact process, laser engraving does not affect the integrity of the material, allowing for accurate and quick engraving of intricate product designs or artwork from graphics software programs. Entrust D&N Engraving with your laser engraving needs, with our years of experience and expertise, you can expect professional and high-quality results.

Make every occasion special with a personalized gift with your unique message.

It is difficult to imagine what our life would be if the gifts suddenly disappeared from it. We do not fully understand the value of these moments, but unexpected surprises, modest souvenirs and presents for the holidays make it a little happier and happier. Internet-shop of gifts and souvenirs D&N Engraving knows everything about it and is ready to help you please and surprise loved ones. Here you can choose original, creative and funny gifts for all occasions. We offer interesting options for adults, children, women and men alike. Having become acquainted with our catalog of unusual gifts closer, you will be convinced that choosing and presenting presents is as pleasant as getting it.

Choose an individual unusual gift

When making a choice, remember that it is always preferable to buy an individual gift, which the recipient will definitely like. Guided by his tastes, profession, hobby or stop at a universal option, personalizing your souvenir. The best option will always be a personal gift with a dedication that will make it unique and original. Such a thing can not be conveyed. We produce customized gifts on demand in the shortest possible time. The basis for such a surprise can serve any souvenir products, for which it is really possible to inflict personal information about the originator of the celebration.


Universal laser systems can turn an everyday object into a high value keepsake without inks, dyes, or chemicals. Laser processing is flexible and permanent, and because the laser does not contact the material there is no need to maintain tools or compensate for continual tool wear. Universal laser systems are ideal for corporate identity products which require mass-production of company items while retaining the ability to process unique items as needed.

Corporate Identity
A Universal laser system is the ideal solution for developing corporate identity items and promotional products. The flexibility and versatility of laser processing allows you to mass-produce corporate logos and messaging and also process custom jobs as needed.

Personalization of Consumer Goods
Consumer products, such as luxury items and electronics, are ideal for personalization with laser processing. iPods, Bluetooth headsets, corkscrews, leather goods and high-end pens can all be laser processed to add value and generate additional revenue.

Name Tags and Business Cards
Identify yourself and your company in unique ways with laser processing. Engrave wood for a three-dimensional effect or mark anodized aluminum to produce a permanent high contrast image. Laser engraved business cards make unique customer leave-behinds and are great for trade shows.
Laser marked anodized aluminum dog tags and ID tags

Glass and Engraving
Laser processing is a great alternative to sandblasting and other glass etching methods. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and even wine bottles can be laser marked using the optional rotary attachment.

Picture Frames
Personalizing a frame with messages from a special occasion or celebration will increase its value, sentimental and otherwise. Laser engrave images, graphics and text onto most frames and cut or engrave mat board to create an even more unique item.

Arts, Crafts, Scrapbooking and Other Gifts
Create shadow boxes, die-cut letters, art stamps and other crafts and scrapbook items with a laser system. Paper, mat board, rubber, plastic, fabric, wood, Mylar® and more will add excitement and dimension to your scrapbook page or shadow box.

Wood Cutting
Create precise, intricate cuts with a Universal laser system. Our laser systems deliver speed, repeatability and performance on complex cutting applications.

Wood and Engraving
A laser system can produce high resolution engravings that simply cannot be replicated by competing methods.